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Zweite Deutsche Vereinigung

Korruption und Vetternwirtschaft
Unter diesen Stichwörtern ist im Zusammenhang mit der Zweiten deutschen Vereinigung vor allem die Tätigkeit der Treuhand zu sehen.

Auflösung KSK

Noam Chomsky


In the 1970s, the courts decided that money was a form of speech in the ruling of Buckley v. Valeo. [...] Take a look at what that means. It means that corporations, which have been pretty much buying elections anyway, are now free to do it with virtually no constraint. That's a tremendous attack on the residue of democracy.

It's very interesting to read the rulings, like Justice Kennedy's swing vote. His ruling said, "Well, look, after all, CBS is given freedom of speech — they're a corporation — why shouldn't General Electric be free to spend as much money as they want?" It's true that CBS is given freedom of speech, but they're supposed to be performing a public service. That's why. That's what the press is supposed to be, and General Electric is trying to make money for the chief executive, some of the shareholders, the other banks, and so on. [...] It's an incredible decision, and it puts the country in a position where business power is greatly extended beyond what it always was. This is part of that vicious cycle. The Supreme Court justices are put in by reactionary presidents, who get in there because they're funded by business. It's the way the cycle works.

The funding for campaigns is not just to get the candidate in. If you're funding a candidate, it buys access. Every funder understands that. That candidate is going to give you privileged access, because he or she wants the funding to continue. And when the candidate wins, privileged access means that your corporate lawyers go to the staff of the legislator, the people who actually write the legislation. The legislators often don't even know what's in it, but the people who actually do the work — your corporate lawyers — go and deluge them with alleged data, arguments, and tons of material; they basically write the laws. So, what comes out as policy is pretty much what's written by corporate lobbyists and lawyers, who gain the access thanks to funding.

Massechusets Institute of Technology


CIA Briefing

Deutsche Übersetzung:
Wir habe ihnen eine Verfassung geschrieben, damit sie sich militärisch nicht mehr rühren konnten. Und sie habe sich nicht gerührt. Das war unsere Schuld. Das werden wir ändern müssen.


Madeleine Albright

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